Vintage Racing Series

Vintage Racing

PCA Vintage was introduced at the Potomac Region Silver Anniversary Club Race in 2016.  From that start we evolved to four races in 2017. Plans are underway to expand even more in 2018.

We offer a new environment for you to start racing your vintage car again or if you have been racing in the usual PCA classes, a place to run with similarly prepared cars instead of against 400+ HP cars.

Events hosting Vintage Group sessions have a dedicated run group where your car will spend all weekend on track in sessions with ONLY other Vintage cars. You will practice, qualify and race Sprint races with only ‘83 and older cars.

Most events are three-day weekends with practice and practice starts on Friday. Race school for rookie and Novice drivers is also on Friday.  Saturday typically has qualifying and two 30-minute Sprint Races. And Sunday will have one additional Sprint race (sometimes two).  Vintage Group does not compete in Enduros.

2018 Vintage Group Rules

What follows are the 2018 Vintage Group Rules.  Look them over and if you have questions or want to know more, use the contact form (below) to reach Fred Pfeiffer, Vintage Coordinator, or give him a call at 301.707.9472.

Eligibility: 1983 and older AIR-COOLED Porsches

PCA Club Racing Rules will be enforced for Safety but not Classes. Of note here is that the rules now require full cages not just roll bars. Please read the Club Racing Rules. They are available at this link.

All Safety requirements must be met to pass Tech Inspection.

Vintage Group entrants will not run for PCA National Points.  Accordingly, the normally required Data collection plug is waived. (See CR Rules)

Engine displacement is open.  The engine must be air-cooled.

Tires are open. The thinking here is that we want you to be able to use the tires you use otherwise, be it in DE or other sanctioning bodies.

There will be six classes:
V4O, V4Ufor four-cylinder over and under 2.0L
VO, VUfor six-cylinder over and under 2.4L
VGTO, VGTUfor high winged and/or aero bodied (Sheridan, AIR body kits) cars over and under 3.0L

Vintage Group will always run in dedicated sessions separate from other Club Racing Classes.  Sprint races will be maximum 30-minute and there will be at least three races at each event.  Vintage cars will not run in a separate Enduro.

Membership in PCA is required. All drivers must have a PCA Competition License. (See CR Rules for the Qualifications.  It is simple to apply.)

New Licensees are advised to have their paperwork submitted well in advance of a scheduled event.  ALL licensing questions should be directed to Susan Shire using this link.

Questions about classing or other rules should be directed to the Vintage Coordinator using this form.

Vintage Schedule

2018 Vintage Race Schedule.

Apr 20 - 21Lime Rock ParkOpen
Jul 13 - 15Monticello Motor Club05/28/18
Aug 17 - 19New Jersey Motorsports Park07/02/18
Sep 21 - 23Summit Point08/06/18
Oct 06 - 07Hallett Motor Racing Circuit08/20/18